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Number Nine, Hawaii Sounds Fine

Can you believe that September is already here? This is month number NINE of 2019! Nine is one of my favorite numbers, it always has been along with 3 and 7. I am not entirely sure why 3 and 7 have relation to my life, but I do know that my life path is number nine. Another great thing about the number nine is that I am heading out to Hawaii on October 9th! Just shy of a month away, I will be getting onto a plane to start a new direction with my path on the Big Island in Hawaii. This adventure is really exciting, because I am going into it with no expectations, and no long term plans other than to enjoy my time and all the direction my growth needs to grow and flow in the way it needs it. The past few years I have been trying to figure out what I want to be doing with my life beyond painting. Painting is always going to be a staple in my life since it offers me healing and relaxation as well as a platform to enlighten the lives of others, but the obligation of tending to a job to pay bills and maintain a roof over my head can be challenging, and living off of painting alone is even more challenging. I have tried preschool teaching, full time nannying, running my own business, and also solely painting pictures for people. I have never found the balance that I am looking for longterm. I do not believe that it is impossible to live off solely painting, but I do feel that my life needs more than just painting for many reasons. The stability of money is definitely one obvious reason when it comes to full time painting. As you've heard, there's a term called “starving artist.” Although most artists find a way to keep themselves fed, I have felt like a starving artist at times in terms of being short on energy because I have been hiding in the studio for days, or I have been balancing so many projects that I become stressed that I also have to somehow figure out how to pay bills or feed myself while also focusing on those projects to get paid in the future. I have also realized that as much as I like painting, I also really want to spend my life helping other people find ways to heal, relax, find stillness, and inner peace to better their life. I feel as though this opportunity is going to cure my hunger for stability and figuring out where I want my life to go. This next chapter on the Big Island of Hawaii is going to be spent in a work-exchange program at Dragon Fly Ranch, a healing arts retreat/resort in the Jungle near Captain Cook. I will be working 25 hours a week at this beautiful establishment providing housekeeping services, hospitality, gardening, and basically anything that needs to be done to keep a beautiful establishment thriving. 25 hours a week for me is not much, seeing as I have balanced 2-5 jobs at a time the past 5 years work 40-60 hours a week depending on the week. The benefits that I will receive from this exchange program include my own private room, some meals provided, and an ample amount of time to explore the island, enjoy the ocean life, and create artwork. I feel as though this whole experience is going to be very fulfilling in all aspects of my life. I love new environments and feel as though I can adjust easily to new surroundings. I will get to connect with new friends and staff members and learn from them as much as I can while teaching what knowledge to them that I can. I will be limited on the food choices that are offered to me as well as what I can afford since I will be “ballin' on a budget” which will ensure that I am cooking for myself and eating healthily. I found out that my roommate in staff housing is also an Aerialist, so I will continue to find inspiration and connection through my passion of Aerial Silks. I will also feel fulfillment in my heart because I will get to be a part of a hardworking community that is working together to benefit others in the long run. I honestly do not know how long I will be residing at The Dragonfly Ranch. I may only be participating in the work-exchange program for a few months, or for all I know I will fall in love with the new responsibilities and landscape, and stay longer. I am not committing to any plan other than committing to what feels right, and working toward being the best version of myself that I can show up as. I am going to miss my friends, family, and the two cities that I call home (Indianapolis and Bloomington) but I am more than ready for this next chapter of my life. Whether I am gone for a short amount of time, or an extended duration, I want all of my loved ones to know that I deeply care about you, and I want you to succeed. And I also want you to come visit me! While I am in Hawaii, I will not be making money with this work exchange program, so I do plan to continue offering commission paintings for anyone who is looking for artwork for themselves or a loved one. If my stay becomes long term, I will start looking for opportunities in HI to share my artwork in galleries, music events, and what ever else that may be looking for artists. I am hoping to find a mural or two while I am out there as well. I leave on October 9th, which is hard to believe that is is just shy of a month away. If you have any friends, family members, or connections that I should meet while I am down there, please connect us! Also if you have been to The Big Island before and you have suggestions of things that I should go do or things I should see, I would love to hear what makes you smile about Hawaii!

Out Door Yoga Studio at Dragonfly Ranch

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