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Aerial Arts

Along with my passion for visual arts, I have a big space in my heart for the circus and artistry that goes into creative artistic entertainment. From the music, dancing, props, the costumes, back drops, theatrical make up, the humor and emotions, the strong athleticism the performers have, and the over all team work to putting on a performance there is unlimited room for creativity. 

I have been practicing Aerial arts since Early 2014, starting Aerial silks at Cirque Indy, then adding Lyra and Static Trapeze into my skill sets. In 2018 I started attending classes at Aerialogy in Bloomington, IN where I still train today. Aerial arts and aerial fitness have helped me release my creativity in a whole new healthy and expressive way, with opportunities to perform on stage and at concerts/festivals in solo acts, group acts, street performing, partner acts, and emcee-ing Cirque Showcases.

If you are in need of a professional aerial performer, clown, or em-cee for your next event, contact me today!

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